Our mission here at Haymore Productions is pretty simple but not followed by many Dj services.

"Play what the people want". Not what we want, and take request. Using this model keeps the dance floor occupied at all time and having your guest talking about how fun your event was years after. 
Excellent crowd reading is also vital to success. Once you find the crowds heartbeat, you have success! Were the best professional party dj service in Tucson


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Were a professional dj service, locally owned and operated based out of Tucson, Az and serving all of Arizona providing the best djs.

                              Haymore Productions Dj Service

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Haymore Productions Dj Service is a family owned dj company ran by Andre Haymore. The company consist of brothers, Andre Haymore(Dj Dre), Courtney Haymore(Dj Funk Nasty), & Myron Haymore(Sir Jam).

Our passion for music was obtained from our father Richard Haymore(Aka Cool Dukie), that was a well known Dj here in Tucson back in the... 60's & 70's. He would make his rounds all over Tucson playing nothing but solid tunes you couldn't find anywhere else in Arizona. He was well known for his amazing R&B collection and his bottomless case of blues tracks.

By the late 1980's brothers Myron & Terry took Djing here in Tucson to a whole level with an enormous
record collection that was collected throughout generations. They were well known for their amazing house parties and club fill-ins. They inspired Andre and Courtney.

In 2005, Andre Haymore opened the doors to the public and formed Haymore Productions Dj Service. He took all of the knowledge and skills he'd learned growing up to create one of Tucson #1 Dj Companies.

The best professional dj, party dj service in Tucson